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For those new to our blog, we recently started a new segment called The VIDA Home Decor Guide. It is meant to keep all of you living at our apartments for rent in Studio City inspired and up-to-date on the latest home decor trends and tips. So far, we have talked about bathroom decor. This week, we are diving into living room design ideas.

luxury apartments studio city vida living room

Decorating your Apartments for Rent in Studio City: Living Room Edition

Patterned Connections

Many of us like this common space to have a cozy feel to it. That type of energy can start with patterns. We would suggest keeping the main couch a solid color and then complimenting it with patterned wallpaper, curtains, and throw pillows. Your living room at your apartments for rent in Studio City could even include a patterned armchair or two.

’80s Glamour

Continuing with vibrant designs, a similar route would be to dominate this space with a lot of jewel-toned, bold colors. Perhaps a vibrant velvet blue sofa with a neon sign above the TV. Additional colors for this living room theme include deep reds and emeralds.

Decorating your Apartments for Rent in Studio City: Living Room Edition


Let’s calm things down just a bit with our living room design inspiration. Starting with Countryside. The decor here is much more casual. It features plush seating, hand-me-downs, vintage ware, and pastel colors.

Island Vibes

Continuing on with the calmer side of interior design styles is Island Vibes. This look can feature more neutral color palettes ranging from oranges, yellows, browns, and whites. We suggest keeping the seating areas neutral and complimenting them with patterned or fringed pillows. For wall decor, you could throw in some macrame tapestry. If you want to include an accent color for a statement wall, we suggest a rich forest green or deep orange.

Striking Simplicity

Now moving onto a completely different living room design, Striking Simplicity. This aesthetic focuses on soft upholstered furniture, dreamy lighting, and calm neutral color palettes.

Decorating your Apartments for Rent in Studio City: Living Room Edition

While living in Los Angeles at VIDA Studio City apartments, your living rooms will be the most important gathering place when you have guests over. That is why we want to make sure that it is unique and welcoming. If there are any other living room design styles that you have, share them with us on Instagram @vidastudiocity.