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There are so many different ways to make home yours: Personal artwork, plants, unique throw pillows, and so on. While we all love home decor here at VIDA Studio City apartments for rent, that doesn’t mean we are all experts. In fact, the more guidance, the better, right? This year, we want you to dress up your home to be exactly how you want it. To help, we are providing you with home decor guides starting with the bathroom.

studio city luxury apartments vida bathroom

Decorating Your VIDA Studio City Apartments: Bathroom Edition

  1. Get A Plant Or Two Nothing makes your bathroom feel more alive than a bit of greenery. For this space, find a house plant that likes humidity. We suggest air plants or ferns. For those of us not big on being plant parents, opt for some rubber plants. If you happen to be a great plant parent, we suggest going big and add a tall palm leaf tree in the corner by the shower. 
  2. Paint Everything One Color We are all for a statement wall in your Studio City apartments for rent. However, not all spaces allow for them. The bathroom can be one of them. Instead, we suggest picking one color and sticking to it all around. We love colors that brighten up the space. You can never go wrong with white, and we love any shade of green. 
  3. Create Accents With Rugs Bathroom rugs by the sink are essential. They are also a great way to bring color into this space, especially if you are trying to go the more minimal route. One of our favorite places to shop for items like this is Jungalow
  4. DIY Wallpaper While we mentioned that it is best to stick to one color for your walls, you can spice things up with wallpaper as well. You can even make it a DIY project and create a collage wallpaper around the bathroom mirror area with vintage magazines!
  5. Lean A Ladder Our bathrooms in your luxury apartments for rent in Studio City include a lot of storage space. However, putting certain bathroom items on display can be fun and unique. We suggest a wooden ladder and lean it against a wall to hang your bath towels. 
  6. Add A Fun Shower Curtain Like the rug and DIY wallpaper, shower curtains are a great way to bring a sense of playfulness and color to your bathroom. We are partial to shower curtains with geometric shapes. 


Whatever you decide to do to decorate your apartment bathroom, just remember to have fun and make this space your own!