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The only thing we love more than blogging about food is eating it! If you are like us, you have an obsession with sushi. We can confidently say that the sushi restaurants in Studio City are the best in all of Los Angeles.

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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Studio City


VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City are home to the best sushi bars in the city and one of the first. Teru has been serving sushi addicts for 25 years now. The fish is fresh as can be, and unlike many sushi bars in LA, the crab meat is real. That said, the BSC Roll is a must. It is cheesy baked scallops on top of a California Roll. The decor is traditional, and they have an outdoor patio area. 

Yen Sushi and Sake Bar

Along Ventura Blvd is Yen Sushi. For all of our ramen fans you have to try their udon soup. It is similar to ramen with a thicker noodle. The menu is vast, with traditional sushi and fusion rolls. By fusion rolls, we mean items like their sushi burritos. 


If money is of no concern, you’ll want to check out Asanebo. The house signature menu is incredible. There is the halibut truffle, which is fresh and seasonal plus the toro tartar. Outside the specials, the king crab claw tempura is mouthwatering. You will find this small sushi restaurant in a strip mall next to LALA’s Grill. There is no extravagant decor just out of this world sushi. 

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Studio City


Hidden behind a folk art boutique shop along Ventura is the one and only Iroha. The menu here is very similar to Teru and Yen. Eclectic and fresh. Again, all you ramen lovers at VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City will love Iroha. It doesn’t stop at ramen. They also have udon and soba options. 


Last but certainly not least, our favorite. Sugarfish should ring a bell as it is the most celebrated local sushi chain in LA. Unlike all the other sushi restaurants we have mentioned, the food here pays homage to traditional Japanese cuisine. The rice is warm, the options are simple, and the menu is prix fixe. No California Rolls or Caterpillar Rolls here. If you want, you can order additional pieces of sushi and cut rolls a la carte. Price points are similar to the rest on this list. Nothing too crazy and very well worth it. 

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Studio City

Keep in mind that most of these sushi spots near your apartments for rent in studio city are available for both takeout and delivery.