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If there is one thing we should be doing during these crazy times, it’s supporting local businesses. Local restaurants in Studio City, in particular. If you recall in our previous blog post featuring the top reasons to live in Studio City, our neighborhood is known for having tons of eateries. To help ease you into them, here are VIDA’s top takeout and delivery restaurants in Studio City. 

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Takeout & Delivery Restaurants in Studio City

Mantee Cafe

First up is a family-run Armenian restaurant, Mantee Cafe. They are known for their dolma, which is stuffed eggplant as well as their plate of hot feta cheese. Don’t be shy and get a few orders of that hot feta.

Mendocino Farms

Up next is a go-to restaurant for us. Mendocino Farms is a fast-casual restaurant with all farm to table ingredients. Their menu has just the right amount of options varying in sandwiches and salads. Their sides are also a must, particularly the curried couscous. On the top of our list of salads are the Avocado Quinoa Ensalada and the Modern Caesar 2.0. Their menu is vegan and gluten-free, as well. Truly something for everyone, and we highly recommend them for lunch or dinner.

Takeout & Delivery Restaurants in Studio City

Iroha Sushi of Tokyo

Ventura Blvd. has no shortage of sushi bars. One of our favorites near your VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City is Iroha. It’s a bit hidden, but once you’ve passed Sweetgreen, you’ll find it behind a fortune teller business. It is one of the oldest sushi spots in LA, and in comparison to many others, it’s affordable.


Unlike Iroha, Sugarfish, which is also along Ventura, is up there in price. However, it is worth every penny. For those who don’t know, Sugarfish is a bit unorthodox in that you have three pre-fixed menus to choose from. No fancy cut rolls like BSC rolls. It includes sashimi and classic sushi with warm rice. You have the option of including add ons of additional sushi already included in either one of the three pre-fixed meals. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed delicious and very fresh fish.

Stout Burgers

Last but certainly not least, a classic burger joint! Great burgers at good prices are what you get when you order from Stout. That and some great beers, of course! The Morning After burger is our favorite. As the name hints, it includes an egg on top along with chipotle ketchup.

Takeout & Delivery Restaurants in Studio City

This list is only the beginning of all the restaurants near your VIDA apartments in Studio City. Feel free to wander off and explore on Grubhub. Consider our list a jumping-off point. Regardless, keep on supporting your local businesses and dine-in.