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We are back with another VIDA food guide! So much of the valley has been covered on our blog. Now, we are going to venture on over to the west side and dive into the best restaurants in Santa Monica.

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The VIDA Food Guide: The Best Restaurants in Santa Monica


If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or want to impress the family and friends visiting from out of town, Cassia is the spot. The cuisine is Southeast Asian and is filled with incredible seafood dishes. Highlights on the seafood menu include the “sunbathing” prawns and the grilled lobster.

The Misfit

If you are running around Santa Monica and suddenly realize it is almost midnight and you’re starving, no stress! The Misfit is one of those dependable late-night spots that also serve delicious food. Their menu tends to change. Still, you can always depend on seeing the crispy brussel sprouts and gluten-free mac n cheese. We highly suggest The Misfit for brunch with friends too. Let’s not forget about their cocktail menu! We recommend either the Mumford Rolling Blackout or the Thunderbird cocktail. Quick warning, no matter the time of day, The Misift is always packed, so be prepared to wait a bit.

The VIDA Food Guide: The Best Restaurants in Santa Monica

Tacos Por Favor

It is fair to say that all of us living at VIDA Studio City apartments for rent are big fans of tacos. If you happen to be heading to Santa Monica for a beach day, make a quick stop at Tacos Por Favor first. What makes Tacos Por Favor a stand-out taco spot is that they serve hard shell tacos! If we are being honest, we prefer the soft tacos. Nonetheless, you get all the essentials and then some with their menu. Plus, they make for a great and filling lunch while hanging on the beach.

Birdie G’s

Last but certainly not least, we have Birdie G’s. We love Birdie G’s because it takes a unique and healthy twist on comfort foods. We also love the wide selection of vegan and gluten-free items on this menu. They have an unbelievable vegan fresh pasta with parmesan. Also, for those big on Jewish deli food, they have a great matzo ball soup. Birdie G’s is also an excellent restaurant if you are with a big group. One other item on the menu worth mentioning is the lavender almonds that pair perfectly with their cocktails.

The VIDA Food Guide: The Best Restaurants in Santa Monica

We are forever blessed to have the best cafes right around the corner from our Studio City apartments. However, we know all of you will be having frequent beach days with the spring and summer seasons. With Santa Monica being the closest, we want to make sure you are in the know of the best eateries in that area. Enjoy!