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There are tons of free outdoor workouts in Los Angeles near your Studio City apartments for rent. While our VIDA gym features the best equipment you could ask for, you can’t beat a good climb and fresh air. We love hiking, and you can explore some of our favorite Los Angeles hikes here. That includes Franklin Canyon and Runyon Canyon. Today, however, we are exploring the best Los Angeles stairs to get an outdoor workout near your Studio City apartments for rent.

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Outdoor Workouts in Los Angeles

The Baldwin Hills stairs

Starting with the Baldwin Hills Stairs. This stair workout is one of the most challenging ones in LA and is just a drive away from your apartments for rent in Studio City. It also includes one of our favorite views. Once you’ve reached the top, you will be rewarded with a 360-degree view of Los Angeles. To the north, you have Ballona Creek; in the distance are the Santa Monica mountains, and the downtown Los Angeles skyline is to the east.

The Santa Monica stairs

Speaking of Santa Monica, up next, we have the Santa Monica stairs. This climb is not for the faint of heart either. This outdoor workout near your apartments for rent in Studio City consists of two sets. The first is wooden stairs with 170 steps, and the other is concrete with 199. It is located at Adelaide Dr and 4th St and is often pretty packed. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed a great workout.

The Micheltorena Silver Lake stairs

Last but certainly not least, the Micheltorena Silver Lake stairs. These stairs could be used for an outdoor workout, but we suggest visiting for the sake of a fun photo opportunity. They are located across Sunset Boulevard from Micheltorena Elementary School. Those of you living in Studio City at VIDA may know of them as the rainbow steps. All 40 steps are painted a different color and are fun for both photos or a little stroll with friends while you are in the area.

Outdoor Workouts in Los Angeles

From hardcore workouts to fun photo ops, the Los Angeles stairs never disappoint when you need a good outdoor workout.