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Welcome back to another home decor blog post! Our VIDA apartments in Studio City offer various floor plans. We have one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and townhouses. Today we are going to focus on one of those floor plans. In particular, how to decorate your VIDA one bedroom apartments in LA.

One bedroom apartments in LA | Vida apartments | Five Decorating Tips for your One Bedroom Apartments in LA - home decor

Decorating Tips for your One Bedroom Apartments in LA

  1. Define your spaces. There is nothing wrong with an open living concept at your Studio City apartments. However, with many of you working from home and wanting to prevent your spaces from feeling overwhelming, defining separate areas is highly recommended. It gives the illusion of a larger apartment. If you have a particular hobby like reading or painting, designate a part of your VIDA apartment for rent in Studio City for that hobby. We also suggest using rugs to define where one space starts and one space ends. 
  2. Incorporate curved furniture and decor. We love the various outlays of our one bedroom apartments for rent in Studio City. However, we will admit, they are all box-shaped. While that isn’t bad, adding curvaceous decor keeps things from looking monotone. It also creates a very welcoming atmosphere. You can do this by purchasing a round dining table, an L-shaped couch, and table lamps with a more rounded shape. 
  3. Incorporate floating shelves. The floating design trend is another excellent way to open up your apartments for rent in Studio City even more. It is also a great way to make certain storage pieces a form of house decor! 
  4. Go vertical with storage. The best way to save valuable space is by opting for vertical storage units. That could include standing cabinets in the bedroom and two identical bookshelves bordering the media center for a built-in shelving look. Smart furniture is also an option, such as ottomans that turn into a table or chair. 
  5. Declutter regularly. Over time, it is inevitable for your VIDA apartments in Studio City for rent to build up clutter. To keep things from piling up too much, set a date once or twice a year to re-organize and re-evaluate how you are using the space. 

Decorating Tips for your One Bedroom Apartments in LA

There is no need to sacrifice your decor style when you live at VIDA. We have so much insight to provide you all! For even more home decor inspo plus fun neighborhood happenings, give us a follow on Instagram.