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Welcome back, everyone, to a blog inspired by another social media holiday. On Sunday, July 18th, it will be National Ice Cream Day! If you are looking to stay local to celebrate, check out our past ice cream blog. If you’ve already covered your bases in Studio City, here is a list of the best ice cream in Los Angeles near your VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City. 

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Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Van Leeuwan Artisan Ice Cream

It is impossible to blog about ice cream shops without including Van Leeuwen’s. There are two in Los Angeles. One is in Hollywood and the other is in Culver City. While Van Leeuwen has delicious dairy-based flavors like Earl Grey, it is their vegan flavors that make this ice cream shop so special. The vegan bases range from cashew milk or oat milk combined with coconut cream, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Must-try vegan flavors are the peanut butter brownie honeycomb and the mint cookies and cream.

Saffron & Rose 

Persian ice cream, at times, can have an odd texture. That excludes the Persian ice cream from Saffron & Rose over in Westwood. The must-try flavors include the saffron and pistachio as well as the orange blossom. They also have a handful of vegan flavors! Our favorites would be the pink rose and the mango. 

Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Ginger’s Divine Ice Creams

Let’s talk chocolate, shall we? It is a staple flavor in the world of ice cream. Over at Ginger’s Divine Ice Creams, they take chocolate to a whole other level with their Billionaire Brownie. Unlike most of this list, Ginger’s Ice Creams have a bit more creativity. Specifically with their Divine Pops. Our favorite on this menu is the Cookie Monster Pop featuring cookies and cream ice cream in a dipped blue raspberry shell with crushed Oreos. The dark chocolate raspberry comes in at a close second with dark chocolate raspberry ice cream dipped in dark chocolate with dusted lavender sugar. 


Speaking of creativity, there is also Coolhaus in the Culver City Arts District. What makes them unique is that all of their flavors can be turned into an ice cream sandwich! They also have some must-try dairy-free flavors such as their dirty mint chip. 

The Best Ice Cream in Los Angeles 

This list is pretty sweet if we don’t say so ourselves, and we hope it has prepared all of you at VIDA Studio City apartments for rent for the coolest holiday of the year!