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In the same way that Valentine’s Day has its chocolate and roses, Halloween cannot be celebrated without movies that go along with it.  For those who enjoy a thrill, Vida Apartments has rounded up a few Halloween horror movies you can enjoy with friends or as a family. Here are some of the best halloween films and horror movies to watch for a good scare this Halloween. Just remember to check if you have locked your Vida apartment door before you sleep. 

halloween-movies-to-watchThe Addams Family (1991)

For great jokes with a spooky vibe, The Addams Family movie does not disappoint. The gothic-styled film is a classical Halloween masterpiece that is kid-friendly, making it an easy choice for a spooky night in your apartment near Studio City. Enjoy this non-nightmare-inducing Halloween classic.

Beetlejuice (1988)

The Tim Burton invention is a classic family-friendly horror that you can enjoy as a family at your luxury apartment near Studio City. The film is based on a couple who find themselves stuck haunting their home in the afterlife. Beetlejuice explores the idea of a haunted house being positive. 


Although not specifically a Halloween movie, Old is a good option for an alternative scare. The movie is an adaptation of writer Pierre Oscar Levy and artist Frederik Peeters’ graphic novel sandcastle. It is one of the strangest films that M. Night Shyamalan has directed, due to its horrific scenes. The movie will leave you terrified as you watch the emotional story of a family vacation gone horribly wrong. It is the perfect movie to watch with friends in your apartment home at VIDA. 

horror-films-to-watchThe Vigil

Dave Davis is exceptional in his role as a man who reluctantly agrees to watch over the body of a recently deceased person. While on duty, he has to deal with the supernatural in more ways than one. As you watch the film make sure you invite friends to your Vida Apartment, since you won’t want to watch this one alone. The Vigil is another film that isn’t primarily one of the best Halloween movies, but still makes our top must-see list.