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When it comes to living in Los Angeles, you can always count on coming across a unique mural and eclectic restaurant. Living at VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City a block away from Tujunga Village is a perfect example. As far as the rest of LA goes, one of our favorite spots to explore both in street art, galleries, and restaurants is the downtown LA arts district. 

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Art Galleries in the Arts District 

Over the Influence

Most of the galleries are closed. However, one of our favorites does take private viewings, which you can schedule here. It is called Over The Influence (OTI) at 833 East 3rd Street. This gallery space hosts all sorts of temporary exhibits. Just next to it is a souvenir space for you to purchase a memento to remember your art-filled day. 

While galleries are closed, they are not gone. For those who are curious, here are some of the others to keep on your radar for future viewings:

Restaurants in the Arts District

You’re probably going to get hungry. This list features restaurants in the arts district that are perfect for a quick bite or to celebrate something special. 


First up is the Arts District’s best Middle Eastern restaurant, Bavel. A feast that brings everyone together, Bavel includes the freshest ingredients with unique cooking techniques with flavors from all over the world. Also considered a perfect spot for tapas, we highly suggest the fried pita dipped in smoky burnt eggplant puree with hummus, the roasted cauliflower, and the farm cheese. As far as cocktails go, they offer some excellent wine from Greece, the Canary Islands, and Sardinia.


There is also the industrial-chic Bestia. While Bestia is not new to the neighborhood, it remains one of the hardest restaurants to get into so make your reservation at least a week in advance. In regards to their menu, this Italian restaurant cooks up a superb house-cured salami that sits atop a puffy pizza with a side of brussel sprouts. Another dish to highlight is the Spaghetti Rustichella. If you are brave enough, give their beef heart tartare a try.

The Factory Kitchen

Calling all pasta fanatics! You must visit the Factory Kitchen. The fan-favorite is the mandilli di seta, as is the duck ragu. However, do not limit yourself as they also have their iconic pancotto – a sunny-side-up duck egg over red potato vellutata and sauteed greens.


Something sweet is around every corner in the Arts District as well. One of our favorites is Amazebowls. What was once just a food truck, Amazebowls is now one of the best juice bars in DTLA. Everything is delicious on their menu and incredibly photogenic, that especially goes for their Coconut Acai Bowl served in a chilled coconut.

Church and State

Last up is Church And State. Located on the Biscuit Lofts loading dock, this French bistro is serving up classic French fare. That includes steak frites, escargot, steak tartare, and much more. One quick pro-tip, make your way over on a Sunday for an incredible four-course dinner for just $55. 

The Arts District

When all is said and done, all of you living in Studio City at VIDA apartments are surrounded by the arts. That goes from the artwork hanging in your local coffee shops to the downtown LA arts district.