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Hello neighbors! Most of us are on a repetitive schedule this year that, at times, seems a bit dull and uneventful. That includes spending time with your other half. Here at VIDA apartments for rent in Studio City, we are on a quest to make things exciting, fresh, and even romantic during these crazy times. That said, here are four creative date night at home ideas to keep the romance alive for Valentine’s Day.

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Date Night At Home Ideas

  1. Have A Tasting Party – We love a good tasting party! Pick any theme: cookies, chocolate, whiskey, ice cream, whatever comes to mind, and layout various options. To make it more interesting, create tasting stations with all the necessities for the tasting party laid out and a post-it with pens available to take “tasting notes.” Best of all, your VIDA kitchens have ample space to make this all happen.
  2. At-Home Spa Date – An at-home spa date in your Studio City apartments can be both calming and romantic. Slip into your comfy robes and slippers with your other half. Find your favorite face masks and body scrubs, then fix a bath for two and drop in a bath bomb. Fill a pitcher of water and infuse it with strawberries and oranges. With all of that, you have the perfect spa date in your luxury apartments in Studio City.
  3. DIY Wine and Paint Night
    Creativity at its finest! Buy some canvases, paints, and sponges, and order your favorite bottle of wine. Feel free to indulge in that wine. It’s Valentine’s Day! Then, look up a painting tutorial on YouTube, and paint away.
  4. “Drive-In” Movie – At Home!
    Get creative with your movie nights! Decorate your home to mimic a drive-in. We’d even suggest building some sort of fort in your living room.


We hope this list inspires you to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other in your VIDA apartments in Studio City for rent. If you liked this list and end up trying out one of these ideas, let us know on Instagram @vidastudiocity!