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While you do not have to stray far for delicious food when you are living at VIDA Studio City apartments for rent, there are some wonderful restaurants in Sherman Oaks. Here are our favorites just a short drive away.

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The Best Restaurants in Sherman Oaks

Casa Vega

One of the most iconic Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles is just 15-minutes away from your Studio City apartments. Casa Vega has been around for 67 years! They have all the essential Mexican dishes but we go there for the margaritas.

Psy Street Kitchen

This over-the-counter Kosher burger joint on Ventura has a great menu, but it goes without saying that the lamb burger is the must-try. They also allow you to customize your burgers. That includes a brioche bun and the must-try pretzel bun!


There are tons of great Mediterranean restaurants in the valley and one of our favorites is Carnival. We are obsessed with chicken shwarma wrap. However, we can honestly say that if we could only order one item on the menu it would be their hand-cut twice-fried french fries.


Middle Eastern cuisine continues with Mizlala. This whole-in-the-wall eatery has tons of flavor throughout every dish. The wait is typically long and always worth it. You cannot go wrong with the Brussel sprouts. The lamb kabobs are irresistible and so are the Moroccan fried chicken and hummus. We also highly suggest Mizlala when you are in the mood for tapas with friends.

The Best Restaurants in Sherman Oaks

We are officially hungry and we know you are too! You can also indulge in all this goodness from the outdoor patios of most of these spots. The only restaurants on this list without outdoor dining are Mizlala and Carnival. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite Sherman Oaks eateries on Instagram @vidastudiocity. Happy dining!