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There is an excellent list of local Mexican restaurants in Studio City near your VIDA apartments. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed them down to the best ones.

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Studio City

Cactus Taqueria #3

First up is a Mexican street food spot within walking distance from your Studio City apartments for rent. Cactus Taqueria is not only incredibly close, but they have the best breakfast burritos. What we love most about Cactus Taqueria are the prices. Tons of flavor for a very affordable price. That’s what we’re TACOing about!.  

The Salsa Bar

Sunday brunches take new heights at the Salsa Bar. You’ll find a lot of variety on their menu too. Take, for instance, the three different shrimp dishes, which are all equally delicious. The servings are massive, so you will have leftovers to take home to your VIDA apartments in Studio City. 

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Studio City

Tere’s Mexican Grill

Carne Asadas is a staple dish in Mexican cuisine. We would argue that you can find the best ones near your Studio City apartments at Tere’s Mexican Grill. They are also known for their fish dishes and taquitos. 

Casa Vega

Last on our list is a spot right on the outskirts of Studio City in Sherman Oaks. For those who have lived in Los Angeles for a while now should know about Casa Vega. Casa Vega is a bit of a landmark. It has been around for the past 62 years. It has never left its location on Ventura Blvd. and was even featured in Quinton Tarantino’s 2019 film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Moving on from our history lesson, their menu has all the staples, including chicken mole, burritos, enchiladas, and tostadas. Their margaritas, however, may be the hottest item on the menu.  

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Studio City

As always, each of these restaurants is available for takeout and delivery. Now, lettuce eat!