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Hello neighbors! We have a fun fact for you all. LA is the city with the most donut shops in the entire U.S. To be specific, there are about 1,500 donut shops, making it hard to decide where to start when it comes to finding donuts in Studio City. Do not fear, though! This blog lists out our favorite local donut shops near your VIDA apartments for rent in LA.

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The Best Donuts in Studio City

California Donuts

Craving a midnight snack? Lucky for you, California Donuts is minutes away from your apartments for rent in Studio City and is open 24/7. They are also a staple in our neighborhood. They have a wide selection of flavors and top-notch croissants made fresh daily. We recommend a cronut with an iced black coffee or boba.

K’s Donut Emporium

We’re shining light to this tucked-away spot near your VIDA apartments in Studio City for rent. K’s Donut Emporium is a classic donut shop in our book. In fact, they have been around forever. They are known for their large and moist apple fritters. Locals rave about their blueberry fritter and red velvet donuts with icing. Regardless of what you order, K’s Donuts will have you coming back for more.


Last but certainly not least, fōnuts. If you could only visit one donut shop in Studio City, we would suggest it be fōnuts. What makes them so special? They have gluten-free and vegan donuts! Some of the best might we add. All of their donuts are made with almond flour and are truly irresistible. Feel free to buy a dozen! If you want to try just one, we’d suggest getting their strawberry shortcake donut.

The Best Donuts in Studio City

While there are more than three delicious shops to choose from, these are best. They are also the closest ones to your VIDA apartments in Studio City. To stay in touch on all things VIDA and learn more about the neighborhood, follow us on Instagram @vidastudiocity.